Cinema/Auditorium product overview


LED products specifically designed for cinemas & auditoriums

Abstract LED range product overview


Exciting LED range with colours, hues and intensity second to none


Autoclima Pty. Ltd. is a Project Engineering Company that has been involved in the design, development and manufacturing of products covering various industries and markets since 1974.

Autoclima has been researching and developing LED technology for over 10 years. Searching for new ways to apply LED lighting in decorative, architectural, and general lighting.

LED technology is constantly improving, with higher light output and longer service life. It is the future of lighting.

With the current environmental concerns which the world is facing, LED lighting’s low energy consumption addresses greenhouse gas issues and the long service life addresses a reduction in hard waste.

Autoclima’s product are made to order and range from LED lighting for Supermarket Refrigerators,lit stair nosing for Cinemas and Venues needing lit stairways for safety and decorative applications. Programmable mood lighting for Bars, Restaurants, Lounges, and Night Clubs. High output LED lighting for general lighting. LEDs can also be used in temperature sensitive applications such as Cigar humidors and food display cases.

Our range allows limitless design freedom and possibilities while offering cost savings on Electricity consumption and maintenance.

Autoclima has an LED product to suit all budgets.